GHS Enhances Patient Safety with Bedside Medication Verification System


Granville Health System (GHS) announced that it has begun implementing Bedside Medication Verification (BMV) barcode scanning for patient medication verification.

The process involves a caregiver scanning the patient’s identification arm band and then scanning the medication prior to giving it to the patient. BMV allows caregivers to utilize bar code scanning technology to confirm patient identity and medication information against data readily available via an electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR). Immediate access to a patient’s current pertinent results and medication administration information greatly reduces preventable medication errors. The use of bar code scanning increases accuracy and efficiency of caregivers completing medication administration records, providing physicians faster and easier access to critical information to manage patient care.

In November, Granville Medical Center began using the Bedside Medication Verification system to administer medications to inpatients on the Obstetrics (OB) unit. The system will be implemented in the Medical, Surgical and Intensive Care Units during December 2011.

“BMV provides another layer of safety for the patient in regard to medication administration. The security of scanning (bar coding) the drug to the patient is an important step toward safety,” said Maria Calloway, GHS Chief Nursing Officer.

The implementation of BMV and eMAR helps Granville Health System support the medical community as it integrates into its planned complete electronic medical record and patient centered health care. In addition, the program ensures patient safety by following the “Five Rights” of medication management: Right Patient, Right Medication, Right Dosage, Right Route and Right Time.

“This technology advances the GHS Board of Trustees and medical staff’s commitment and vision of eliminating medical errors for our patients,” said L. Lee Isley, GHS Chief Executive Officer. “With the continued hard work of our staff, we are able to seamlessly implement this important program. This initiative helps solidify our commitment to ensuring our patients always have available the best and most advanced care possible.”

Members of the Granville Health System BMV Implementation Team include Karon Casey, Clinical Systems Analyst (Project Lead); Geoffery A. Tanthorey, IT Director; Lynelle Fox, Patient Care Analyst; Chad Campbell, PC Support Technician; Sally Gilliland, Director, Specialty Clinics; John Stancil, Pharmacy Director; Catherine Ellixson, Pharmacy Technician; Jackie Stovall, PACS Administrator; Tammy Adcock, RN, ICU; Wendy Keeton, Nurse Manager, L&D and Jessica Kennedy, RN, ICU.

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