GHS's Imaging Department Introduces Digital Mammography Services


GHS's Imaging Department Introduces Digital Mammography Services

The Granville Health System Radiology Department held a ribbon cutting ceremony in the new digital mammography room on July 23.


Oxford, NC (August 17, 2009) – Granville Health System (GHS) announced that local area residents now have access to digital mammography services at the health system's Oxford hospital, Granville Medical Center. GHS is one of the first hospitals in the area to offer this service.


The GHS Imaging Department held a ribbon cutting ceremony in the new digital mammography room on July 23. The new digital mammography system supports Granville Health System's commitment to providing quality women's health and wellness services to the patients it serves.


"The introduction of digital mammography services demonstrates Granville Health System’s commitment to fighting breast cancer," said L. Lee Isley, GHS chief executive officer. "This technology will make a significant impact in the communities we serve, allowing physicians and patients an additional resource for cancer detection."


The system uses an improved imaging plate which is warmed, providing a more comfortable procedure. The digital mammography area offers updated artwork and quiet music, which help provide a calm and relaxing experience.


Dr. Michael Stoll, GHS medical director of imaging services, says that digital mammography offers shorter exam times and produces better image quality. "Immediately following the exam, the images are displayed on the technologist’s monitor and ready for review," said Stoll.


Digital mammography is viewed as an improved technology because the images are digitally enhanced for easier detection of abnormalities. The contrast can be adjusted to be made brighter, for example, and the technologist or radiologist can magnify areas of interest. Previously, studies captured on film did not allow this level of image enhancement.


The American Cancer Society recommends that women over 40 get an annual mammogram, obtain an annual clinical breast exam by a health care professional and perform monthly breast self-exams. Women who are at higher than average risk of breast cancer should seek expert medical advice about whether they should begin screening before age 40 and the frequency of screening that is best for them.


Digital mammography is available at Granville Medical Center located at 1010 College Street, in Oxford. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 919-690-3420.

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