Granville Health System Recognized for Quality and Patient Safety



Granville Health System (GHS) has been recognized for quality and patient safety by the North Carolina System for Healthcare Infection Measurement (NC SHIM). At a recent meeting, Dr. Joanne Campione, Director of Clinical Measurement Services at NC Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety (NC Quality Center), announced that GHS achieved a perfect score with zero incidences of central line infections over the past 15 months.
Granville Health System has a history of performing well in this area. For more than 6 years there has not been a single central-line associated bloodstream infection reported at the system’s main hospital, Granville Medical Center.
Central lines, or catheters, are used in medical, surgical and combined medical/surgical intensive care units. The state uses infection rates to track performance; these rates are calculated by dividing the number of infections that occurred in a year by the number that might be expected to occur in light of national data. Infections have been shown to result in longer recovery times, extended hospital stays and increased costs.
“We are pleased to be recognized for quality care and patient safety,” said L. Lee Isley, GHS Chief Executive Officer. “Our director of performance improvement, Donna Passini, has made sure GHS consistently monitors patient safety directives and seeks out opportunities for quality improvement. Granville Health System believes that supporting quality improvement measures and promoting ongoing training and improvements in communication are the cornerstones of increasing the quality of care, reducing costs and above all, ensuring patient safety.”
“Our director of ICU and medical/surgical services, Stormy Mullins, has helped lead the way on this initiative,” said Maria Calloway, GHS Chief Nursing Officer. “She has developed a successful team approach toward training and delivering the very best medical care possible. Nursing staff members Kelly Harmon, Ashley Ellington and Tammy Adcock have also played an important part in supporting this quality measure, ensuring patient safety stays top of mind. In coordination with Paula Lewis, director of infection control and employee health, the team has set a high standard for Granville Health System.”
The Joint Commission cites numerous studies supporting the importance of a team approach to improve communication and reduce medical errors. Several reports show a relationship between a strong collaborative program and successful patient outcomes.
The commission conducts accreditation surveys and evaluates health care organizations’ compliance with nationally established Joint Commission standards. Joint Commission standards deal with organizational quality of care issues and the safety of the environment in which care is provided. GHS, which operates Granville Medical Center, is accredited by the Joint Commission.
“Under the leadership of Maria Calloway, her team has done an exceptional job in delivering a high level of patient care,” said Isley. “Our Chief of Staff, Dr. Eugene Day, and physicians, Drs. Michael Mahan, Shea McManus and Michael Wegener have also played key roles in ensuring patient safety remains a priority at Granville Health System.
Granville Health System has participated in the NC System for Hospital Infection Measurement since NC SHIM’s inception in 2008. The health system is also a member of the North Carolina Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety. The North Carolina Hospital Association (NCHA) created the NC Quality Center in 2004 to lead NC hospitals to become the safest and highest quality hospitals in the United States.
The NC Quality Center has aligned its efforts to be consistent with a national initiative called the Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA). HQA is a national public-private collaboration to encourage hospitals to voluntarily collect and report hospital quality performance information. Like other hospitals across the country, GHS has been providing information through the HQA initiative since October 2003.

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