Granville Health System Tapped for Expertise on Low Rate of Infections and Readmissions


Granville Health System (GHS) has been named one of the nation’s leaders in preventing infection rates and readmissions by the Partnership for Patients, a public-private partnership working to improve the quality, safety and affordability of health care. This recognition is based on the work of GHS in the prevention of 10 hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) and their low rate of readmissions.

The national leadership team from the Partnership for Patients has identified GHS as a mentor hospital. The group invited GHS to provide expertise for other hospitals on preventing HACs and readmissions at regional and national events. GHS will provide support, advice and clinical knowledge to hospitals seeking to lower their rate of HACs and readmissions through virtual webinars and on-site education sessions.

“This recognition illustrates the commitment made by our Board of Trustees and medical staff to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible,” said L. Lee Isley, GHS Chief Executive Officer. “The hard work of our physician leaders and staff serves to underscore Granville Health System’s dedication to quality.”

The Partnership for Patients is comprised of federal agencies, hospitals, health care organizations, patient organizations and private-public partners. The federal agencies involved include the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health.

The Partnership has an overall goal of making hospital care safer, more reliable and more efficient. The group aims to do this by decreasing the total number of preventable HACs by 40%. The group also aims to reduce the number of preventable complications during a transition from one care setting to another so that all hospital readmissions would be reduced by 20%. The Partnership for Patients and participating hospitals aim to achieve these goals by the end of 2013.

The rate of HACs for GHS is benchmarked with ICU data for facilities of a similar size within a coalition based through Duke Medical Center. GHS performed very well against the coalition facilities specifically in the prevention of HACs. For example, in 2012 GHS reported 0 catheter-associated urinary tract infections per 1,000 device days. The other facilities in the coalition rated an average of 1.8 of these types of infections in the same period.

GHS also achieved perfect scores on the following HACs during 2012:
• Central line-associated blood stream infections (GHS=0, Coalition =1.3 per 1,000 device days)
• Colon surgical site infections (GHS=0, Coalition=1.4 per 100 procedures)
• Knee replacement surgical site infections (GHS=0, Coalition=0.6 per 100 procedures)
• Cesarean surgical site infections (GHS=0, Coalition=0.7 per 100 procedures)
• Spinal fusion surgical site infections (GHS=0, Coalition=0 per 100 procedures)
• Ventilator-associated pneumonia (GHS=0, Coalition=1.4 per 1,000 device days)

Chief Nursing Officer Maria Calloway said, “We are pleased to be recognized by the Partnership for Patients for the quality care we are providing. Our approach includes engaging the patients and their families in the plan of care being offered. Our staff remains committed to providing quality care in the prevention of HACs and every other aspect of patient care.”

The award also highlights an ongoing quality and improvement program that Granville Health System has implemented with great success. In fact, the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers (AAHP) named GHS as one of the top 10 hospitals in the country in their 2012 Hospital of Choice Awards which recognizes hospitals that go beyond their walls in pursuit of excellence and quality care. Top 10 organizations have developed collaborative relationships with patients and worked with physicians and other health care organizations in the community to ensure a high level of patient safety.

“Granville Health System’s core values are focused on providing patient-centered, safe, high quality health care to its community,” said Carol Koeble, Senior Vice President of the NC Hospital Association and Executive Director of the NC Quality Center. “The drive to excellence is evident throughout the organization, from the Board of Trustees to the point of patient care. As a member hospital in the Partnership for Patients’ North Carolina Virginia Hospital Engagement Network, Granville has been a leader in sharing its improvement processes and practices which have effectively eliminated several hospital-acquired conditions and reduced readmissions to well below the state average. We are extremely proud of the leadership, staff and clinical providers and thrilled for the system to be recognized by the national leadership with the Partnership for Patients.”

GHS has worked closely with the NC Center for Hospital Quality and Patient Safety on a number of initiatives including the NC Prevent CAUTI Collaborative, North Carolina Surgical Care Improvement Project (NCSCIP) and North Carolina System for Healthcare Infection Measurement (NC SHIM).

GHS was also recognized as one of the nation’s Top Performers on Key Quality Measures by The Joint Commission, the leading acceditor of health care organizations in America, for their exemplary performance in using evidence-based clinical processes that are shown to improve patient care.

About Granville Health System
For more than 92 years, Granville Health System has been delivering quality health care close to home. To meet the growing needs of our community, Granville Health System has expanded its services throughout Granville County, offering convenient access to medical care where you work and live. GHS received a number of national awards, including the Hospital of Choice Award which named Granville Health System as one of the top 100 hospitals in the country in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. GHS also received the Community Value Index Five-Star Hospital Award, placing GHS in the top 20% of hospitals in the country in offering financial value to the communities served, while reinvesting back into facilities in order to provide for current and emerging health needs. Recently, Granville Health System was named one of the nation's Top Performers on Key Quality Measures by the Joint Commission, the leading accredit or of health care organizations in America. The GHS main campus is located at 1010 College Street, Oxford, North Carolina. For more information about Granville Health System visit GHS online at


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