Granville Health System Welcomes Granville EMS


On July 1, Granville County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will join Granville Health System (GHS). Granville County had approached the health system in reference to managing Granville EMS earlier this year. All 911 communication services will remain under the operation of the County.

On May 3, Granville County Manager Brian M. Alligood submitted the proposed 2010-11 County budget to the Granville County Commissioners. Included in the proposed County budget was a provision that transfers the management of Granville County Emergency Medical Services to Granville Health System, which operates the County hospital. Granville County Commissioners officially proposed a transfer of the division that was accepted by the GHS Board of Trustees and approved by the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services (NC OEMS).

“Both the County and GHS are committed to supporting the health and safety of our community
,” said L. Lee Isley, Chief Executive Officer for Granville Health System. “Granville County has done a great job managing EMS services and providing us with the extensive data needed in making this transition. We look forward to building on our long tradition of teamwork and commitment to delivering quality care to our residents.”

Granville Health System has a strong history of effectively working side-by-side with the County’s EMS division. GHS has been acting as the Granville EMS Advanced Life Support Sponsor for nearly two decades and developing transport protocols with Granville EMS during this time.

GHS offers the EMS division access to experienced medical oversight, increased capital resources and operational support strengthened by an excellent working relationship established over decades of service to the community,” said Isley. “We are pleased to have the opportunity to build on this relationship and welcome our County’s paramedics and EMTs to the health system.”

Hospital officials will be working with EMS Services to evaluate improvements to the current system. The evaluation includes upgrading response vehicles and the conversion of some part-time EMS stations to 24/7 operational facilities. GHS is committed to ensuring the EMS Division meets industry standards for premier performance and services to the citizens of Granville County.

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