Granville Health System’s EMS Department Presents First Preservation of Life Award


Granville Health System (GHS) announced that on December 14, Benji Laws was presented with the first GHS "Preservation of Life" award from Granville Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for exceptional and professional efforts resulting in saving a human life.

While off duty from his job at the Granville County Sheriff’s Department on October 4, Mr. Laws was driving on Hwy. 96 near Wilton and noticed a small group standing over a person lying still on the ground. He stopped to render assistance. Upon seeing Anthony Carmon was unresponsive, not breathing, and had no pulse, Laws immediately started CPR.

Shortly afterward, Brassfield Volunteer Fire Department First Responders arrived and used their Automatic External Defibrillator on Mr. Carmon to reestablish an effective heart rhythm. When Granville EMS arrived and found the patient had a pulse but was not breathing adequately, they administered Advanced Life Support, which revealed that Mr. Carmon was having a heart attack. EMS faxed Mr. Carmon’s 12-Lead EKG information to the hospital’s cardiology catherization team so the team could be prepared to treat Mr. Carmon as soon as EMS transported him to the hospital. About a week after cardiac interventions were performed at the hospital, Mr. Carmon returned home. He was an honored guest at the award reception.

Accolades were also given to Brassfield Volunteer Fire Department First Responders at the event. EMT Jerry Tuttle, Paramedic Mary Nearhood, EMT Mike Waite, EMT Jeremy Harris and Paramedic Donnie Boyd received letters of recognition and "CPR Save" lapel pins for their quick actions. Likewise, Granville EMS Paramedics Dawn Currin, Jama Dowdy, John Ulrich, Kristie Hall and Valerie Brangham received letters of recognition and "CPR Save" lapel pins for their efforts.

In Commissioner Hubert Gooch’s closing remarks, he noted that several organizations within Granville County came together to save Mr. Carmon's life. Jason Brand, Administrative Director of Emergency Medicine and EMS Director at Granville Health System, said he hopes Granville EMS will be giving the Preservation of Life Award to many more people who provide lifesaving care in Granville County.

Sheriff Brindell Wilkins and the Granville County Sheriff’s Office provided a brunch for everyone that attended the awards ceremony, which was held at the Granville County Expo and Convention Center. Commissioner Tim Karan, Commissioner Dave Currin and County Manager Brian Alligood attended to show their appreciation for the many efforts involved in saving Mr. Carmon’s life.

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