Part 1
Tell Me Now:  A Focus on Customer Service

Members of the community often share with me their experiences with Granville Health System; about the quality care they received at the hospital and exceptional service they received. I truly appreciate those comments. They reflect the hard work of our staff, the commitment of our providers and our strategic vision of heath care delivery guided by the leadership of our Board of Trustees. But I will let you in on a secret: I also appreciate hearing about your not-so-good experiences.

You will hear good customer service is hard to find—whether buying a car, having a home painted or even, seeking out care for a sick child running a fever on a Saturday afternoon. Some will tell you “great” customer service is nearly extinct.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing with you why great customer service is not only alive and well in Granville County, I’ll share with you why it will be impossible for Granville Health System to succeed without it. We’ll talk about how your community hospital, your partner in health, is working with you to ensure your next patient experience at Granville Health System will rate high in patient satisfaction.

The Health System has launched a new campaign, “Tell Me Now” asking patients to share their expectations and feedback on the quality of service they receive during a stay at Granville Medical Center. We are asking patients if we are meeting their expectations and if not, what can we do better to improve their stay. Granville County not being a shy bunch, they are telling us!

During every stay, Granville Health System staff is asking patients to help us meet their expectations. GHS Team Members from Housekeeping, Nursing, Engineering and even Volunteer Services are wearing “Tell Me Now” buttons and tee shirts. Posters and flyers are placed throughout the hospital reminding you to let us know about your needs while you’re in our care.

You may notice that the “Tell Me Now” promotion features our staff holding up ten fingers. On a scale of zero to ten, we always want to earn a ten for your overall patient experience. In this series of columns, we’ll discuss how service below a 10 rating affects not only your patient experience, but the culture of our organization and ultimately how our hospital is reimbursed for the care we deliver.

The new environment of health care reform poses many challenges. But, there is much opportunity. Granville Health System is rising to the challenge by offering the best care in the region, right here in your community. Care delivered by health care professionals that include your neighbors, family, friends and fellow-church members.

Community hospitals are terrific incubators of innovation. They are not too large as to prohibit the health system from making timely, smart decisions and experimenting with bold, new ideas. “Tell Me Now” is a bold idea in terms of health care delivery because the patient, the community, is defining what excellent service means to them.

In my next column, we’ll discuss elements of health care reform that drive the demand for customer satisfaction and why you should expect nothing less from our health system. In the meantime, please contact me with your thoughts and ideas on customer service and how we can provide 100% Patient Satisfaction during your next visit to your community hospital or physician practice. Please contact me by email at or visit for more information.