Who is a volunteer? Look in the mirror and you will see a potential Granville Health System volunteer. Whether you are a teenager or a retiree; homemaker, student or business person; male or female—Granville Health System needs you to volunteer your time and become a part of our volunteer team! Volunteers are the additional hands and hearts that give extra attention to patients, families and visitors of Granville Health System. Our volunteers enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they make a profound difference to our patients, health system staff, and community.


Volunteers serve as an extension of Granville Health System's professional staff by providing support services in many ways. Through working in the Volunteer Program, you can go home knowing you have made a difference in someone's day with a kind word, smile, action or simply by your presence. Become a Volunteer Today!  Make a difference at Granville Health System, the community and in your life.


For additional information, contact Volunteer Services by calling 919.690.3446.