Ambulance Chase Training Diet

Are you training for the Granville Ambulance Chase 5K/10K?

If so, congratulations on making that commitment. Training for a race can be challenging at times, but you can do this! It is important to pay attention to your diet. Consuming the proper food at the right time can really help with endurance and performance during your training and on the big day. Claudia Kostich, GHS Athletic Trainer with the Granville Sports Medicine Program, discusses the ideal foods for a training diet.

Before you exercise:

3-4 hours before your workout, optimize carbohydrate status to prevent fatigue and restore glycogen content. Consume a meal rich in carbohydrates. Make sure that it’s low-fat, low fiber, and low- to moderate-protein to avoid GI discomfort.

  • Ideal foods: Pancakes or waffles, fruit, milk, yogurt with granola and fruit; bagel with cream cheese; 1 to 2 eggs with toast and fruit; sandwich with fruit and milk.

During exercise: 

It’s important to give your muscles additional fuel during prolonged exercise. If physical activity consists of high intensity in a short duration (about an hour) carb consumption can improve performance.  If physical activity lasts longer than two hours, carb consumption can help prevent hypoglycemia.

  • Ideal foods: sport gels, bars and drinks, tangerines, bananas, apples, grapes

Immediately after exercise:

Immediately after exercising, carb and protein consumption is needed to assist in glycogen restoration and prevent fatigue.

  • Ideal foods: low-fat chocolate milk, a smoothie, yogurt, bagel

1-2 hours post-workout:

Recovery is necessary for restoration of muscle and liver glycogen storage (refueling), replacement of fluid and electrolytes lost in sweat (rehydration), protein synthesis for repair and adaptation (rebuilding), and care of other systems such as immune, inflammatory and antioxidant. Consume carb-rich and protein-rich foods to aid in muscle repair and improve muscle glycogen storage.

  • Ideal foods: whole grain or brown rice with grilled chicken; whole wheat pasta; sweet potato; steak
Claudia Kostich, M.A.Ed., LAT, ATC, is a Licensed Athletic Trainer, providing sports medicine services to the student athletes of South Granville High School.