New Year, New Baby

Many couples will list starting a family as one of their hopes for the new year.

If you have made this decision, congratulations! Dr. Cassandra Hornbuckle, OB/GYN provider at Granville Primary Care & OB/GYN, offers some insight on things that you can do before a pregnancy to keep yourself healthy and prepare for a new addition.

  1. Get rid of those bad habits. If you smoke, use illegal substances, or drink too much alcohol on a regular basis, stopping now will increase your chances for conception and lead to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I also advise women to decrease their caffeine intake for the healthiest start possible for your new baby.
  2. Visit your primary care physician. If you have medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or other conditions, your pregnancy may be considered a “high risk” pregnancy. Good control of these conditions can help ensure a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor can also be sure any medications you take are safe for pregnancy. Be sure to tell your doctor of your plans to have a baby so they can provide the best care possible.
  3. Eat well. A diet full of fruits and vegetables is good for mom and baby. These powerhouse foods are chock full of nutrients and vitamins your body will need to grow new life. Eating well before you’re pregnant will increase the chances for conception and lower the chances of birth defects. Adding a prenatal vitamin and a vitamin D capsule (2000 units per day) is also recommended prior to pregnancy.
  4. Exercise. An exercise regimen is great for your mood as well as your heart and lungs. A brisk walk or lifting weights reduces stress which aids in conception. If you are just beginning an exercise program, talk to your primary care provider for tips on how to get started. Additionally, don’t push yourself too hard physically. Listen to your body and rest when needed.

Congratulations on making this decision! Please contact me for an appointment if you think you are pregnant or wish to create a plan for achieving pregnancy.

Granville Health System recently announced that Granville Primary Care, Oxford has added obstetric and gynecologic services. The name of the practice has changed to Granville Primary Care & OB/GYN. Dr. Cassandra Hornbuckle joined the practice on January 6, 2020. The practice is located at 110 Professional Park Drive. To schedule an appointment, please call 919-693-6541.