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  • 03/08/2018

    GHS Cares: What you need to know about Cervical Cancer Screenings

    A cervical cancer screening, also referred to as a pap smear, has been a fundamental piece of a woman’s annual exam for many years.

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  • 02/22/2018

    GHS Cares: What Baby Aspirin Can Do For You

    Not only is baby aspirin one of the most cost-effective way to save lives, it is also one of the oldest medicines.

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  • 02/15/2018

    GHS Cares: How to Combat Those Pesky Warts

    Common warts, or warts most frequently found on hands, and plantar warts, which take root on the bottom of the foot, are complaints we hear frequently at Granville Primary Care Butner-Creedmoor.

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  • 02/08/2018

    GHS Cares: What to Know About Anxiety

    Anxiety is not an uncommon emotion, and it may not be considered a health problem either.

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  • 02/08/2018

    Granville Health System Announces The Breast Care Program at Granville Surgical Associates

    Granville Health System (GHS) recently announced Naveen Kumar, MD of Granville Surgical Associates will open The Breast Care Program.

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  • 02/01/2018

    GHS Cares: 2018 Flue Update

    The flu season is upon us and it has hit the country very hard. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) predicts that if this season follows prior similar season trends, approximately 34 million Americans will get the flu this year.

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  • 01/26/2018

    CEO L. Lee Isley to Leave Granville Health System

    The Granville Health System (GHS) Board of Trustees (BOT) announced they have accepted the resignation of L. Lee Isley, Ph.D, FACHE as Chief Executive Officer of Granville Health System.

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