Hospitalist Program in Granville County

Granville Health System Hospitalist Program

When you are a patient at Granville Medical Center, you may sleep better knowing that there is a hospitalists program dedicated to helping you and your family. Hospitalists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet all your medical needs, from admission to discharge, while you are in the hospital.

Nurse pushes elderly patient in wheelchair | Granville Health System

How will my doctor know what care I received while I was in the hospital?

When you check out of the hospital, a detailed report will be sent to your family physician describing the treatment you received in the hospital and any further needs you might have. The hospitalists will provide you with any prescriptions you may need. They will also arrange your follow-up appointment with your family physician so all necessary further treatment may continue.

Will I continue to see the hospitalists for care after I leave the hospital?

Because our hospitalists take care of you only while you are in the hospital, you will not see them for outpatient care once you leave the hospital. You will continue seeing your regular family physician.

The hospitalist:

  • Works closely with your family physician at the time of your admission
  • Orders diagnostic tests and medications
  • Closely monitors your condition
  • Makes treatment decisions
  • Coordinates your care among other members of the hospital’s medical staff
  • Keeps you, your family, and your personal physician informed of your progress