Intensive Care Unit in Granville County

Intensive Care Unit at Granville Health System

Granville Health System (GHS) realizes that hospitalization is never convenient, but the GHS Intensive Care Unit (ICU) does everything possible to make patients and families comfortable.

Due to the intensive level of care provided in the ICU, patients require constant monitoring by the nursing staff. In order to meet ICU patients’ needs, the hospital requests that all patient visits be scheduled. Visitation by immediate family members is recognized as an important part of the emotional recovery process and your GHS ICU Team will establish open lines of communication between patients, families and medical staff.

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ICU Reminders

  • Upon the patient’s admission to the ICU, it is requested that a spokesperson for the family and a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) password be established. The spokesperson will communicate directly with the patient’s nurse and provider and receive all up-to-date patient information. The spokesperson will be responsible for sharing patient care information with other family members. This process allows the medical team to fully concentrate on the patient’s care.
  • Visitors are to use the telephone located at the entrance to ICU to request access.
  • Visits may be time limited per the staff’s discretion based on the patient’s condition.
  • Visitors should inform the nurse prior to entering the patient’s room.
  • Visitors age 12 and younger are not allowed to visit patients in the ICU for infection control purposes. This guideline is in place specifically for the welfare of the children as they generally do not have matured immune systems.
  • Visitors must exit the ICU when visiting is complete.
  • Eating or drinking by visitors is not allowed in the patient’s room.
  • Due to the possibility of diet restrictions, the Primary Care Nurse must give permission to bring in outside food to the patient.
  • It is recommended that patients do not keep personal effects with them while hospitalized.
    Basic need items and toiletries will be provided to the patient by the hospital.
  • Electronics such as cell phones, razors, etc. will not be permitted unless functioning properly and approved by hospital staff.
  • Flowers are permitted in ICU per Infection Control policy.
  • Please refer to our Granville Health System Visitation Guidelines for more information.