Sleep Disorders Center in Granville County

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is very common and affects more than 12 million Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health. It is a condition in which an individual stops breathing during sleep. The most recognizable side effect of sleep apnea is excessive snoring. Sleep apnea can strike anyone at any age, even children. But because of the lack of awareness by the public and healthcare professionals, the vast majority of people with sleep apnea remain undiagnosed and therefore untreated, despite the fact that this serious disorder can have significant consequences.

Woman sleeping while wearing a sleep apnea oxygen mask equipment connected to CPAP machine | Granville Health System

Sleep Disorders In Children

Some children can have trouble getting a good night’s sleep even when they follow all the sleep tips. Kids with sleep problems may not feel tired during the day. They might have trouble paying attention, get into fights with family and friends, or feel down and sad. If you are very tired during the day or not sleeping well at night, talk to your parents and doctor.

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Why Can’t You Sleep?

It seems getting a good night’s sleep is not as easy as it sounds but it is critical to feeling refreshed during the day. About 60 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep disorder yearly. Many of these disorders are minor, but some, such as chronic insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy can have serious consequences. Lack of the proper amount of sleep can also lead to serious health problems including:

  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Death (in some extreme cases)

The good news is that there is help for most of these disorders once they are diagnosed.

Our Sleep Center Physician

Dr. Singh completed a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship at St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to relocating his practice to Henderson, NC in 2003, he was the Clinical Director of the Topeka Sleep Medicine Center. He is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Singh is the Medical Director of Granville Health System’s Sleep Medicine Center, located at Granville Medical Center in Oxford, NC. Speak with your doctor today about scheduling a sleep study.

What is involved in a sleep study?

At Granville Sleep Medicine Center, physicians and staff are well trained in diagnostic and treatment procedures. After a primary care physician orders a test, patients are given directions, instructions on what to do before arriving, and ideas on what to bring for the study. Our Center is in a quiet and secure area located on the second floor of Granville Medical Center. Patients are given an extensive evaluation by one of our sleep specialists on their first visit. Patients may be asked to spend one or two nights at the Center for testing. A polysomnogram, which monitors sleep patterns, breathing, heart activity, and body movements, is performed throughout the night. Every effort is made to maintain the person’s regular sleep routine and make patients as comfortable as possible during their stay. Rooms are furnished with amenities like a double bed, private bathroom with shower, and cable TV. Our goal is to allow patients to sleep like they do at home. After initial tests are completed and the patient returns home, the results are sent to the patient’s primary care physician and a followup appointment is scheduled.

To schedule a sleep study, call 919-690-3202. Fax number: 919-690-3279.